MDafrica Ambulance System (MAAS)

Providing Timely, Quality, and Affordable Emergency Medical Care to All Nigerians.

An Invitation to Private Sector Collaboration

Medic Dispatch Africa Limited (MD Africa) is a UK registered Emergency Medical Service (EMS) capacity building company.

Our core mission is to create a network of one million life savers and to help EMS providers in Nigeria/Africa optimise their operations through our management, training and technology solutions in collaboration with our global partners.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience providing emergency medical services and health management advisory solutions to health systems, corporations, and the government over the last 7 years. In line with the recently passed National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) bill, the private sector is strongly encouraged to participate in the provision of timely, quality, and affordable emergency medical care to all Nigerians.

MD Africa has therefore organized a unique platform of collaboration and shared benefits for private sector ambulance owners. The platform is called MD Africa Ambulance System (MAAS). Your enrolment and participation in MAAS will avail you:

  • Free standardization services (Audit & Intervention).
  • Free and subsidized EMS/Paramedic training.
  • Free marketing and brand management solutions to increase your visibility and revenue options.
  • Easy EMS equipment/vehicle financing, procurement and maintenance solutions.
  • Access to a sophisticated EMS Dispatch & Fleet Management Technology to give you better control of your ambulance vehicles.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please complete the non-binding Expression of Interest Form by clicking the link below.

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